Our Technicians

 We have a great bunch of technicians. All of our techs are ASE certified Master Techs. They also have the ASE L-1 certification, which means they have additional training for diagnosing difficult drivability problems, i.e. - “my car is running really bad” problems.


Todd Connelly
 Todd started in March, 1988. Yup, way back last century! He is our longest term employee and specializes in diagnosing check engine light problems and drivability issues.

Dave Israel
 Dave began in July, 1997. Dave is a great “all around” tech and works on, well, everything!

Danny Grasz
 Danny started in Feb, 2002, so he is the “new guy”! He also is a great all around tech and is our specialist with VW’s.

John Polley
 John started in Feb, 1993. Wow, next year is 20 years! Most of you know him as the face of PDX Auto as he is the guy that greets you at the counter in the office and talks with you on the phone- so I guess he is the voice of PDX, also! John is also an expert tech and occasionally works on cars when needed.